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As we are living history NOW,

we want to hear from you.


A Global Pandemic is something we all will remember for our entire lives, and we will pass down our stories to future generations.


What is your experience living in the time of COVID-19?


Send us an account (a picture, a video, an essay, a short story, a journal entry, a poem, a play, etc) of what life is like for YOU during this global pandemic. 

We will use these remembrances in an upcoming exhibit. 


You can email it to us here!


The McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center is unique in that most everything, in our museum collection, has been donated by individuals who recognized the importance of preserving our shared history. 


Due to limited space and relevancy criteria, guidelines are followed for collecting donations.  If your item pertains specifically to a person, place, or thing from McKeesport or surrounding communities (e.g., church records, store signs, photos of local interest, or books by local authors) the item will be reviewed by our collections committee.


If you have a question about a donation, please call, 412-678-1832, for details concerning collection criteria.

Our museum collection is 100% donor-supported, therefore we do not pay for collection submissions.