The McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization

 Memorial & Honor Gifts


Donations can be made in honor of an individual to mark a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or as a memorial remembrance.  All donations are tax-deductible, and we will also send a card to your honoree, or the family, letting them know that a donation was made in their name.  

 General Gifts


McKeesport was built by generous, hard-working, blue-collar folks just like you! Your support of any amount helps preserve the history of such a strong region. 

Suggested  Levels:

$1-$99                     Cobalt Supporter

$100-$249               Iron Supporter

$250-$499               Steel Supporter

$500-$999               Silver Supporter

$1,000-$4,999         Gold Supporter

$5,000 +                   Platinum Supporter

Thank you to our generous 2019-2020 donors


Edwin R. Crawford Foundation

The McKeesport Community Fund

    of The Pittsburgh Foundation 

G. C. Murphy Foundation

Peters Foundation

Wivagg Foundation

2019 Cemetery Tour

Carriage Inn

The Dance Company for the Performing Arts

Frazier Contracting & Plumbing

Gilbert Funeral Home and Crematory

Robert Hauser

Howell Craft, Inc.

Charles Jennings

Duane Junker of the

      McKeesport & Versailles Cemetary

Mr. & Mrs. Irv Latterman

      Sunray Electgric Co.

Laurel Print & Graphics

Izzy & Josiah Livingston

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Lozano

William K. & Rosemary Luptak

McKeesport Hospital Foundation

McKeesprot Mayor Mike Cherepko

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Messner

PurePenn LLC

Fred & Judy Sheridan

Smallies on the Yough

Jonathan & Jennifer Stark

      the People’s Building

Striffler Family Funeral Homes

Tube City

Thomas Wells

Noretta Willig

Ziebart of McKeesport


 Gold Supporter: $1,000-$4,999

Maurice & Mary Fey

Arthur N. Rupp Foundation

Ron Sandmeyer

Ellen Show



 Iron Supporter: $100-$249

10th Ward Veterans Memorial Committee            

Keith Ackerman

John Barna Jr.

Robert & Janet Baum

Matilda Benson

Joan Bicsey

Gene & Sally Buchleitner

Pat Campbell

Laurie Carroll

Joseph Crossen

Ada Davis

William Dietz

Joanne Dimattia in Memory of Jeff Wilds

Patricia Eisenbeiss

    in Memory of Pat Harris

H. Robert Fairbaugh

Claudia Geary

Paula Greenwald

Robert & Bev Harrington

Robert Hauser in Memory of Pat Harris

Robert Hauser

    in Memory of Dr. Elizabeth Jones

Joe & Joanne Hoffman

Eileen Jamison

Laura Jenkins

Patricia Kisko


Silver Supporter: $500-$999

Marylou Biddlestone

    in  Memory of Janet Biddlestone Weber

Lisa & Ron Brill

Robert Hauser

William Hunter

Robert Messner

Barbara Shaw

Francis Show in Memory of Pat Harris

Robert & Janet Kulis

Frank & Gail Kwolek

Ron & Lynn Lamb

Mr. & Mrs. Irv Latterman

William & Rosemary Luptak

Marianne MacBeth

John Mazur

Eleanor McAvoy

Raymond Myers

Margaret Nasta

Jeffrey & Diane Nesmeyer

Heather Peck

Leslie & Sally Petras

Jay & Terri Porter

Michael Scappetura

Alice Shull

Jerry Smeltzer

William Snyder

Margaret Steere

Sue Striffler

Ann Stromberg

Gail Ullinger 

Celia Whitehead

    in Memory of Reid Keith Anderson

Celia Whitehead

    in Memory of Katherine “Kitty” Clay

Joanne Yablonsky


  Steel Supporter: $250-$499

Monica Barnes

Home Gardeners Guild

John Shlapak



 Cobalt Supporter: $1-$99

R. Kent Reid & Debra Allen-Reid

Donna Anton

Mary Archey

Patricia Begandy

    in Memory of Pat Harris

Anne Bell

Kathleen Blumenschine

Brian Bostak

Bob & Ruth Brown

Cynthia Carson

Audrey Carter

Andrea Cartwright

Donald & Barbara Chontos

Nancy Cochrane

Lucile Conrad

Shirley Cracolice

Fred Craddock

Marilyn Cramer

    in Memory of Pat Harris

Joseph Crossen

    in Memory of Dolores Crossen

Joseph Crossen in Honor of Jack Crossen

Barbara Cush

    in Honor of Mathida Benson

Barbara Cush

    in Honor of Kathryn Seitz

James & Alberta Danielson

Eric & Tina Davis

in Honor of Teresa Trich

Rachel Duffy

Nancy Dunlay

Marlyn Easterly

James Englert

Becky Eynon

    in Memory of Dr. Elizabeth Jones

 Patricia Lozano in Memory of Pat Harris

Nora Luehm

Marianne MacBeth in Memory of Pat Harris

Marianne MacBeth

    in Memory of  Dr. Elizabeth Jones

Joyce MacGregor in Memory of Pat Harris

Marnie Marlowe

Carol McClure

Maryellen Merella

Grace Merta in Memory of Roberta Sago

Gerald Meskanick

Antonia Michel

Donald Moritz

Cheryl Morris

Stella Neuschwander in Memory of Pat Harris

Jean Nevius

Bill & Marilyn Nizinski

Michael & MaryAnne Obranovich

Diana O’Donnell 

    in Memory of Irene Polakovic

Diana O’Donnell

    in Memory of Gloria Brugnoli

Belinda O’Keson

Julius & Mary Panico

Richard & Linda Pearce

      in Memory of Pat Harris

Dan & Dolores Piesik

Melanie Plaikner in Honor of Teresa Trich

Robert & Catherine Pratt

    in Memory of Pat Harris

Nancy Price

Paula Puskaric

Adrian Fenton

Maurice & Mary Fey

    in Memory of Pat Harris

Maureen Filotei

Robert & Carol Frazier

John Gorman

Terrry & Kathy Graham

Betsy Guardasoni

Alice Hajduk

Robert & Ardith Hamilton

Christine Hamilton

    in Memory of Pat Harris

William Harter

David & Jo Ann Hartos

Mary G. Haughey

Nancy Haughey

Spencer & Joanruth Hirshman

    in Memory of Pat Harris

James & Roxanne Humanic

Gladys Hunt-Mason

Dorothy Ikach in Memory of Pat Harris

Donna Isbir

David Jacobs

Philip & Mary Johnson

Kristi Jude

Duane Junker

Patricia Kleman

     in Memory of Pat Harris

David Knoepfle

Matthew Krejdovsky

Dorothy Kyslinger

Dr. Maryann Lauffer

      in Honor of Nancy Colflesh

Victoria Lawrence

    in Memory of Pat Harris

Carolyn Leitzell

Bonny Radwick

John & Dorothy Ratesic

Robert Reed

E. Dolores Reichman

Ron Sandmeyer in Memory of Pat Harris

Dr. Paul Scarlata

Andrew Schmidt in Honor of Teresa Trich

Frank Sedlmayer

Amy Sinot

Jill Sivak

Janice Skraly

Jennifer Sopko

Kathleen Stachel

Bonnie Stern in Memory of Pat Harris

Ruth Stevenson in Memory of Pat Harris

Sandra Stewart

Ronald Suckfiel

Dolores Sullivan

Edith Sunstein

Laurence Sykes

Jonathan & Robyn Tedesco

      in Memory of Dr. Elizabeth Jones

Laura Tomko

Dean Trew in Honor of Teresa Trich

Teresa Trich

Gail Waite in Memory of Pat Harris

Joanne Welch in Honor of Evette Wivagg

Joanne Welch in Memory of Pat Harris

James & Linda Wetzler

    in Memory of Carolyn Milburn

James & Linda Wetzler

    in Memory of Donald J. Wetzler

Evette Wivagg in Memory of Pat Harris

Philip Wyne

Ralph Yanez

Sam Zolten

Donors as of 1.7.2020. We have made every attempt to keep accurate records, please contact us at 412-678-1832 if you notice an error.
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