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Outreach Programs

We have several short programs we can provide for groups. They can be held either at our facility or at yours if you are within the greater McKeesport area.


  • Brief History of McKeesport

    This 20-minute program can be tailored for various age groups. Introduces the history of our city to those unfamiliar with it, or allows those who grew up here to remember. Combine this program with a tour of our museum to get the most out of your visit.


  • Programs for Scouts

    We have programs for Cub Scouts and Brownies that target specific achievements, and we are willing to make custom arrangements to meet any special requests for your group. 


  • History of Renziehausen Park

    This 20-minute program provides a history of the development of our city park from its initial development, in 1931, through the present.


  • Walking tour of monuments in Renziehausen Park

    1 hour +/- depending on the speed of your group. This is a walking tour across grass fields, across roads and up hills, weather permitting. We will show you the monuments throughout our approximately 250 acres of parkland.


  • Remembering Regional African American Musicians

    This 30-minute program provides a brief history of 8 different musicians that came from the Mon-Valley, dating from the Jazz Age to the Big Band Era, to modern times. We also share audio clips from all of the musicians highlighted.


  • McKeesport's early history

    This 10-minute program shares the early history of McKeesport, from Queen Alliquippa through the McKee Family.


  • History of our 1832 one room schoolhouse

    This 10-minute program shares the history of our one-room schoolhouse, built in 1832. This was the first school house built in McKeesport, though only used as such for a decade. It is now part of our museum. 


  • Schoolhouse story time

    This 20-minute program is appropriate for elementary school aged kids. Held in our school house, this provides an informal educational opportunity to learn about our school house, how it was used, and what lessons were taught here.


  • History of the McKeesport Regional History and Heritage Center

    This 15-minute program explores the history of our organization, founded in 1980 to preserve the history of McKeesport and its surrounding communities.

Call for information or personalized programs.

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